Monthly Archive for January, 2002

new mo-sheen

getting a big ol’ hardware hookup at home on sunday. the new box needs a name. any suggestions?

yeah, yeah, i know..

the articles section is in development. quit your belly-aching.


‘Novel Web boutique’ Big In Japan launches their web presence with simple, clean design.


palm releases the much buzzed about palm i705. why not just slap a color screen in it? what*ever*


apple released the dual 1GHz G4. if it were running OSX or some other kind of *nix, i bet it will make all the kids happy.

by the way

thirdrate goes gray. we all like gray.

phone? what phone?

ok, so i signed up for the employee plan for a cell phone. bah, its been two weeks, and still no service activation. i’ll give ’em one more week, then i return the phone.


it’s funny how you take something for granted until you don’t really have it anymore. witness homemade pizza made by mommom m.


added some photos. next big project: articles. or maybe soundtrack. we’ll see.

long lost louis

blood is thicker than water as they say. nothing like being contacted by a long lost brother. louis cortes, owner of transformers, G.I.Joes, and many others. heres to ya’ lou.