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the goodness

this is a salute to the really sweet hot-looking chick on the train that gave me her newspaper because i was chivalrous.

by the way; thanks mom for raising me to be polite to strangers.

working hard,

i’ve been busting my hump on a couple of client sites; should be good stuff. i’ll post some links as soon as i think i’m ready.

photos section

well, it’s done: the photo section is built. go check it out here

fun fun fun

so, here it is: saturday night. what might i be doing at this late, great hour of 10 o’clock? well, working on clients websites, or course.

oh my…

the dialectizer. trust me on this one. go and see it. really.


i don’t get enough kissing done in my daily life. the world can learn a lot from kissing.


almost done building the photo management doo-hickey. maybe tomorrow?

new new new!

lots of new stuff going on over at… flat screen iMacs? does this mean the G5 is on the way?


there is only so much cheese a guy can eat before bad things start to happen. trust me, i have experience in these matters.


here are some pics of my apartment. its always that clean…. i swear.