Monthly Archive for February, 2002


“center city man found dead in front of home network, story at 11.” yeah, i got the router. its boss.

a toast

i’d like to propose a toast to change. heres to the beginning and the end, in every context.


dsl is all configged. next stop: linksys etherfast DSL/Cable router. mmmm… home networking.

ok. good to go.

ok, so, i got my DSL modem today. when i get home, i’ll be setting that up…

the network stuff is fixed at work now, too. yay.

oh no!

the internet is down here at work. that means that no one can see this. why am i even writing this? bleh.

enough already!

ok, ok, i managed to land a copy of the ps7 beta. its nice, but not the re-energizing of the program i was expecting. i’m really happy its not classic, though.

unix stability

yeah. OS X is super cool. i’m pleased with Office for the first time ever, and illustrator 10 is a treat. now why can’t i get photoshop 7?

exciting times

after ten days, i got crichton back. next week: DSL! the computer gods have smiled upon me. now, if i could only land a copy of photoshop 7 for X…


i used to think about stuff. i rarely ever do, now. i think it has a lot to do with how much free time i have. yeah, probably.

illness to chillness

i’ve been sick for a while. maybe food poisoning. now i’m back at work and its -1000 degrees in here. bastards.