Monthly Archive for March, 2002


for those of you that care, the stats are broken, it broke on the 11th, and no one told me. so i’ll fix it when i get off my arse on monday.

happy easter

its easter. i anxiously await homemade ravioli and meatballs and lamb. it will be scrumptious.


i think gatorade tastes way better when you’ve been walking around all day.


i figgered out how make cron stop sending me confirm emails. now my mailbox can get filled with porn instead of useless stuff.

vindigo, revisited

i just got a copy of the newest version of vindigo, and i must give praise where it is due: this software is amazing. they have greatly enhanced their features, and made their product a joy to use. two thumbs up, guys.


no internet at the office. that means no…. why can’t stuff just work the way it’s supposed to?

3 days

3 excruciatingly long days. i might go crazy. or, even more crazy as the case may be.

palm stuff

new version of vindigo today: eat, shop and play gets even easier. one simple catch: you have to pay for their ‘good’ service. oh well.


sendmail. yes, it works. yes, i hate it. when it works, it works very well, but if the slightest thing is off… BOOM!


could 9 days be any longer? i like to think of myself as patient, but i think i might break something if i wait that long…