Monthly Archive for April, 2002

exclamation point

i use the exclamation point to a fault. from now on, bland ol’ commas, apostrophes, and periods. no funny stuff.

oh my goodness!

take a gander at this tasty morsel:
the samuel l. jackson sound board

no crashes!

well, its been almost a week, and no crashes. (knock on wood), hopefully things stay nice.


i think that everything underground in center city smells like a urinal puck. i wonder why…

i think i got it!!

i believe that i have finally found the cause of teletrans heinous ‘mystery crash.’ turns out, third party ram can cause a lot of damage to a application stack. whatever that means…

new pants!

yep. i bought new pants. old navy is good for cheap stuff: i got three pairs for $39.99. god bless forced child labour in third world countries.


its my brothers birthday tomorrow. 27. god. when i was a kid, i thought by 27 we’d both be married with kids. weird.

i’m baaaaack

just got back today. five days in florida. go see the tourist pictures by clicking here.


i leave for florida tomorrow. going to visit my dad. he works in a marina. i’m a little nervous about the flight, but otherwise things should be cool.


i fixed the stats. i had to do some log file acrobatics, but i think i’m good to go now…