Monthly Archive for May, 2002

holy mozilla, batman

so i’ve been playing around with chimera and i have to say, it’s totally amazing, especially for a 0.2.8 release.


london crashed. his uptime prior was 42 days and 12 hours. i’m proud of you buddy.

stupid bike crap

yeah, so the crank doesn’t fit on my frame. it would hit the dropouts. so i need a new frame.. anybody? anybody?


had a great time at a bonfire on sat night. you are amazing. and i think you know who you are.

home home home

free food, free laundry… free everything. i like home.

bike repairs

i’m stoked. i just got a new crank for my bike. coupled with the single speed hub i bought at the bike swap, i’m looking at one trim ride. i can’t wait to put it all together.

maybe? hah.

why is it that “i’ll think about it” always ends up being “no.”?

i often wonder.


the services rendered by (part of are no longer free. therefore my journal will not be getting any new entries. so go read all the old stuff before i take the link off.


ever heard ‘classical gas’ by eric clapton, or mason williams, or chet atkins? that song makes me want to learn guitar.