Monthly Archive for June, 2002


new article by rob here. users section will get its new DB stuff soon. wait and see!

weekend of bliss

amazing weekend. free queen sized bed. i bought new sheets. megan. and i rode the el for the first time. amazing.


hung out with shauns international gang last night. countries representin’: australia, new zealand, belarus, russia, and south africa. very cosmopolitan.

goodbye, friend

rodney died over the weekend. while i was getting a G4, he was taking his own life. as a fellow mac geek, he’ll be missed.

it’s about damn time

so, i got my bike all fixed up. 52 teeth to 16 teeth. higher top speed. 30th street and back in 5 minutes flat.


hm. the beach is so far away. and so is tuesday.


heavy duty firewall installed today. i hope london will continue to thrive.

whoa, this is funny

check out PONG. i almost cried i was laughing so hard.


had a fantastic weekend. a girl patient enough to watch me post crap to the site? priceless.