Monthly Archive for July, 2002


so, i think this whole budget thing might actually work out. i don’t mind starving all the time. really.

he’s baaaaaaack

finally got crichtons new 500 MHz processor today. it took forever. but he works again. and hes happy. and i’m happy.


i must be crazy. i have a real spending habit. its atrocious. two non-essential credit card purchases in two days, i need HELP!


have you been watching the stats page? look at all the countries hitting this page! weird.

best weekend ever

thai at cafe amara always makes me go to the bathroom. but i got to chill with meg all weekend. and she didn’t mind that i had to go to the bathroom.


yeah, its that time of year. fireworks and what-not. happy 4th. and 5th. megan tomorrow!

happy 4th

i’m chilling at the embreeville homestead for a few hours today. always fun. and my dog!