Monthly Archive for February, 2003

not-so-wonderful day

…in the neighborhood. mr. rogers died of cancer today. sad, sad, sad.

leaky leak

so all the snow is melting. and i live on the top floor of my building. you know what that means? it means that all the melting snow on the roof is pissing down my walls. yes, it’s bright yellow for some reason. ew.

a ton of snow

ok, so only about 36 hours ago, i was in 78 degree florida sunshine, knee deep in the gulf of mexico. and now a potential record breaking amount of snowfall. ugh. i’ll post the vacation pics in a couple of days… after dad FedEx’s me my camera. (yeah, i forgot it in florida.)

snow in the city

yeah, it sure is snowing. i like it, though. i get to work from home tomorrow. i like that, too.