Monthly Archive for July, 2003

hail ceasar

so, what’s with everyone jumping on the ceasar bandwagon? taco bell has a grilled stuffed chiken ceasar burrito. burger king has some crazy ceasar burger (or was it chicken?).. it’s all very coincidental.

oh lord, take me now

i just ate so much taco bell food it hurts. seriously. ouch. 4 soft shelled tacos, a chicken quesadilla and a chicken fiesta burrito. it all tasted so good on the way down, but god, my whole body hurts.

the bell

i love taco bell. i don’t care how bad their advertisements get, i don’t care how wacky their product line is (grilled stuffed chicken ceasar? puh-lease), or how incompetent their staff is, i will always go back. mmm. tacos.

good day

i had a good day yesterday. i walked around town, and took pictures of random people at rittenhouse. then i had some amazing tom yum soup and chicken pad thai. yeah. only one thing would have made it more perfect.

what happened?

the internet used to be cool. now people spend their lives on friendster. i’ve been sitting, looking at a blank browser window for almost 20 minutes, trying to think of what i’d like to look up, what i’d like to see, etc. no dice.

whoa, cool

ok, this is the hottest camera.


this is going to be a rough week. if any one else has any lumps to give me, you may as well do it this week; i’d like to get it all out of the way for a while. thanks.