Monthly Archive for September, 2003

puerto rican panorama(s)

uh. this weekend ruled. rev horton heat et al, flannery\’s and anthony\’s, chick-fil-a, peurto rican day parade, art museum, marathon, rillstones, and of course amazing kissing.

i sleep better when my bed\’s not so empty. hm. come over soon? how about thursday night? ok? ok.


yeah, yeah… it\’s about damn time, i know. i hope you all like the little face lift. i\’m sure i\’ll be making a bunch of changes over the next few weeks so bear with me. drop me an email to let me know what you think.

the weekend!

i had a great weekend. all because of you!!! and you know who you are. so, thanks for that. i needed it.


i was the wizard. usually. or the inventor. beds were often cars, or chariots, or spacecraft of many different varieties. it was only once a month, sometimes less. i miss being young. a childhood friend got married this weekend. it was very very very weird. it’s still weird, and will always be weird. but i wish them well. good luck kyle and julie.


when i don’t shave for a few weeks, i look like kyle katarn. if you know who kyle katarn is, then you also know how much of a huge geek i am. unfortunately, if you knew who he was, it means you, too, are a geek. welcome brother.


it’s 9/11. when the bus went past 30th street station this morning, i saw that all of the flags were at half-mast. i was stupid enough to wonder “who died?” it took asking someone here at work that question to get a blank stare and a few head shakes. i’m not a very good american.

grossness, revisited

it’s 9:45am. i’m at the office. it’s 72 degress, and comfortable. why then, am i sweating like a pig? gross.


i’ve been at mercy vocational high school for two days in a row now. i’m teaching the faculty how to use the stuff i built for them. they like it. now. but in 3 or 4 weeks, we’ll see how many are still using it.

old, schmold

so, some of my faithful viewing audience may notice that the current design of is painfully old. i launched it on january 1st 2002. 20 months in real life is like, 100 years in internet time. due for a redesign? yeah; soon.