Monthly Archive for October, 2003

odds and ends

exploding dog always gets me worked up. go look at \”I\’m Listening to sad songs\” on 10.03.03. also, i saw the weakerthans on monday night. it ruled. i\’m on a huge weakerthans kick now. and… i\’m making hamburgers tonight for dinner. that\’s all.


it\’s 6:20pm here at the compound, and according to\’s order status page, my order for panther is still \”Open\” which means it\’s being processed and has not shipped yet. ugh. i wanted to plaaaayyy!!!

the streak

never underestimate the power of a streak; at least, that\’s what i\’m told. another brilliant weekend: dance lesson friday night, followed by an amazing dinner at mama palma\’s, rittenhouse saturday morning, josh and stacy\’s saturday night, and a long relaxing sunday… just me and meg. meanwhile, only 4 days and 7 hours until panther.

holla back

my weekends have been getting increasingly more awesome over the past few months. between the farm show, canadian thanksgiving, and seeing kill bill, this weekend is high in the ranking. not to mention the solid 39 straight hours of unbridled megan exposure. wait and see what\’s in store for next weekend! bwah ha ha ha (yeah, sad attempt at an evil laugh. i\’m working on it.)

shut your damn pie hole, and stop breathing my air, you stupid bitch.

yeah, i judged. with two other judges. one of them sucked. the other was cool. the sucky judge was all \”i\’m an artist. i know everything. we shouldn\’t give the same person more than one first place in different categories.\” stupid. you\’re supposed to judge per category and not look at the exhibitor number. 1st should go to best in the category! idiot. i wrote lots of nice little comments, though. cause i\’m a good judge. BTW, congressman joe pitts is an amazing artist. who knew?

farm show farm show farm show

farm show farm show farm show farm show. yeah, i\’m entering a print. i also get to judge the adult art section. i\’m super stoked. my first year of judging! my art experience is lacking, but maybe i can fake it. \”i love the movement in these lines\”, \”would you look at the vibrant splash of color\”, \”this is an astounding display of post-modern impressionism\”… yeah. i\’m *such* a judge. i judge you! rah!

chuck and amy’s wedding

yeah, they finally got married. it was a beautiful service, and the reception was a blast. hanging out with meg all weekend was also very awesome.

oh, by the way, until i get a more robust photo manager thingy built, i threw a dir of pics from the wedding onto the site: click here for wedding photos