Monthly Archive for November, 2003

ok, for real.

iTunes Music Store is bad bad bad bad. like, i\’m poor. i have zero dollars in the bank, and i\’m a couple thousand in the hole for a variety of things (school, bills, school, etc.) like, how dare apple make it so easy for me to blow money on good music. Jack Johnson is goooood; i don\’t care how gay it makes me. same thing with the weakerthans. though, i must say it worries me that i can download reconstruction site from a legal online music service… scary.

the truth.

there are things in life that you just can\’t deny. some people can\’t deny their homosexuality; some can\’t deny the depth of their hate. me? i can\’t deny the truth and honesty in the love i feel for meg. i don\’t care if it sounds creepy, or whatever. like i said, some things you just can\’t deny.