Monthly Archive for January, 2004

drip drip drip

so, do you remember about a year ago (Feb 25th, 2003) when i posted that roof leaked into my walls and made them a lovely shade of yellow? well, yeah, it\’s snowing outside, and that means it\’s time for the Annual Wall Streaking. drip. drip. drip. streak streak streak.

mary e. chandler – 1926-2004

ok, this is personal crap. if you don\’t want to imagine me crying, now is the time to stop reading.   yep. mommom. she gave me coffee in the ratio of 99:1, milk to coffee. she tried to prevent my grandfather from letting me play with knives. she saved coupons from cans of del monte veggies just to get stuffed del monte spokes-animals through the mail. she reprimanded me for saying \”jesus christ\” even though the priest said it every sunday during mass. she understood why the banana was missing, and why the hot dog would ask the peanut butter of the formers\’ whereabouts. she lived a rich life, and got to meet 2 of her very own great grandsons. she was loved dearly, and will be greatly missed.


it\’s the sad inevitable thought we all don\’t want to think; the words we dare not speak. how can we die when we seem so immortal? in my head, right now, it\’s impossible for me to even begin to fathom what being \”dead\” really means. i\’m no stranger to death, but familiarity does not make it any less objectionable.

feature update and facelift

note the addition of the new \”photos\” button. take a gander at some of my snapshots.

things i learned over the holidays

1.) chocolate covered pretzels combined with apple cider must be the most powerful laxative ever, second only to the tom yum soup at amara cafe.

2.) getting old really, really sucks.

3.) being young also really, really sucks.

4.) being poor really really sucks.