Monthly Archive for February, 2004

goodbye, friend

webmonkey, after being online for an internet lifetime, is finally closing it\’s virtual doors. i learned tons of shit there! go and download all of the articles! do it! save the intarweb!

IKEA ownz

so meg and i met eric and emily at ikea yesterday morning. we rode shopping carts, we fought, we browsed, we talked, we ate, we loaded up a car. $211 later, my apartment has some rugs, a lamp and bunch of other odds and ends, the least of which is a very sturdy, very nice coffee table we purchased for 30 bucks. almost ready for my party…

great ways to start the day

1.) Sleep in, but only an extra half hour.

2.) Realize it\’s friday so it\’s cool to wear jeans to the office

3.) Also realizing that since it\’s friday, you don\’t have to go to the office tomorrow.

4.) Walk through your freshly painted living room, and realize that you basically live in a whole new apartment.

5.) The first song on your iPod is Lonnie Smith\’s Play it Back off of Live at the Mozambique. that shit is solid.

6.) Have a really stylin\’ old black guy smile at me groovin\’ to lonnie smith. he must think i\’m so white.

7.) only 9 and a half more hours till meg gets here.

the world of ends

this piece is probably the best non-technical article about a technical thing i\’ve read in a long while. as a side note, i think i\’m going to read slashdot more often; possibly daily.

work work work

so many PIF\’s; so little time. you can call me Johnny Temp Data Entry Guy. seriously.