Monthly Archive for April, 2004


and, some time ago we had this huge rainy weather system that pretty much soaked everything, and even re-opened a few cracks in the roof on my apartment. so, in remembrance of that wet week, i\’d like to say thanks to the inventor of umbrellas. they\’re great.

code code code

responsibility is such a funny word. and sadly, at the end of the day, that\’s all it is: a word. you can\’t really hang your hat on it. you can\’t sell it. you can\’t even buy it. there\’s a big difference between responsibility and living. like, sure, one can argue that paying your bills is something \”responsibile.\” to them i would reply that no, it is in fact NOT responsibility. it\’s just living.


while stuck in front of a computer, coding away in your custom emvironment, it\’s easy to forget that things like christmas and food and skin exist. tell tale sign it\’s time for a break from this kind of job. and not the 20 minute kind. the forever kind.