Monthly Archive for May, 2004


yeah. lasers are useful for lots of things.

1.) annoying innocent movie-goers.

2.) finding parallel universes.

3.) finding bullet trajectories to determine the location of a shooter. (Thanks, CSI)

4.) pointing at things.

5.) making holograms.

6.) wasting money. (Thanks, Radio Shack.)

so yeah. very handy.

if walls told tales

home is a funny word. home is where your heart is. no place like home. home free. it\’s hard to believe that so much time and effort and love and care can go into a collection of mortar, steel, brick, glass, drywall and other materials. just to make it yours. to make it home. how many others have applied the same energy to this same home? how many broken arms, broken dishes, broken hearts? and new beginnings? to new jobs, or new cities, or new lives? a lifetime of tears have painted these walls; sweat, waxed these floors.

so yeah, i guess there\’s no place like home.