Monthly Archive for August, 2004


ben also opened my eyes to the wonder that is Colt 45. yes, billie dee, it *does* work every time.

and at $1.25 for 22 ounces, it\’s easy on the wallet.

so, thanks ben, et al, for the hospitality.

brooklyn for beginners

meg and i spent the weekend with ben (of thirdrate fame) in the mega ultra uber large concrete jungle known as new york city. ben ran the show, and did a damn fine job showing us philadelphians (read: \”country bumkins\”) around. we even got kinda-almost thrown out of a party. ben\’s friends (and ben, for that matter) are effing smart smart smart. fancy sophisticated new york types. also, they\’re very much late night owls. i totally fell asleep on friday night during the rooftop ending to our escapades AND on saturday night at a really awesome bar. no hard feelings, i hope.

ATTN: City Hall


Please do not close off the city hall cooridoor at 6pm. I\’d like to walk through the building rather than go all the way around it when I want to get to suburban station.