New Mexico : Day 1

So we flew into Albuquerque the evening of friday the 3rd. the flights were uneventful. we were tired from travelling for the past 7 hours or so, and just wanted to get our rental and get to the hotel. enterprise informed us that they hadn’t received their shipment yet, and they had to give us something other than the economy sedan we had reserved.

i was a little skepitcal, since we had ass-loads of bags with us (containing camping gear, clothes, electronics and photo equipment, etc.) and figured there just wouldn’t be enough space. turns out, we got a brand new four-door 2005 chevy silverado, with four doors. did i mention it had four doors? it pretty much ruled. needless to say, my fears dissolved into elation: we could DRIVE OVER SHIT! and for the same price!

so we got our rig and went to the hotel. we did our best to enjoy the sleeping in a bed, since we’d be camping for the next two nights.

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