New Mexico : Day 2

we woke up Saturday the 4th kinda early-ish, and started the crazy chain of events leading up to the top of a mountain in Gila National Forest for camping that evening. We sped over to the local Smith’s grocery store, and bought $99 worth of groceries. Included in that price were two bottles of $5.99 yellow tail wine; an awesome find considering the PA price of $9.99.

we bought plastic bags, trash bags, fruit roll-ups, pop-tarts, 2 kinds of granola bars, 6 apples, 6 oranges, 6 small pop-top cans of tuna, a loaf of bread, a bag of ice, a squeeze bottle of mayo, a box of assorted plastic utensils, a big bar of Hershey’s chocolate, 1/4 lb. of turkey, 1/4 lb. of white american cheese, a jar of peanut butter, a jar of jelly, a box of 10 capri (pronounced “cap-rie“) sun pouches, a box of wheat-thins, and uhm… well, we got a lot of stuff.

we stuffed our cooler with ice and things that needed to be cold, and meg started driving. down, down, down we drove to Hatch, NM, “Chile Capital of the World.” We had heard great things about the annual Chile Festival while planning the trip, and there were even great radio commercials while we drove.

I’m sure it was the rain, or the dust blowing into our faces and mouths, or the screaming kids, or the white trashy people… but we weren’t feeling it. so we stayed and had some Chiles Rellenos, and drank a beer, then set off for the camp site in Gila National Forest: The Land of Many Uses.

In a nutshell, we drove straight up a mountian. No, scrath that; we drove winding roads up a mountain. And boy did they wind. back and forth, back and forth, left, right, left, right. for like, 10 miles. We got so high, we even drove through a cloud. Seriously. We set up our tent in the rain (thanks, meg, for bringing rain gear… love you!) and slept.

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