New Mexico : Day 3

Sunday morning! We woke up and started driving. again. This time, destination: Gila National Forest Scorpion Camground.

A short drive from scorpion, there’s a trail-head leading to publicly available hot springs. We walked about a half mile through pretty much invisible trail to the hot springs. We had to cross a river, twice. The directions were seriously as ghetto as: “walk 1000 feet down the trail, turn left at the stump, make the gradual climb until you see the large oak…”, etc. Upon arrival, we were greeted by a very gay guy, wearing a very tight speedo.

The water coming out of the ground was too hot to even touch. The park service had set up a small channel that routed some cold-ish water from the river to a circle of rocks that retained some of the boiling hot water coming out of the ground. All in all, it was very cool. The ring of rocks made a nice little sitting area, allowing those reclining to dip their tootsies in very comfortable warm water.

After the hot springs, we drove a short distance to some apache cliff dwellings. The setup was really nice, but not as awesome as the Anasazi cliff dwellings we saw at Mesa Verde in Colorado two years ago.

After our adventures, we returned to our camp site (it’s dry! yay!) and had a delightful dinner of turkey sandwiches and wine.

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