New Mexico : Day 4

Monday September 6th. Today we tackle a wine festival. The venue was simply stated as the Southwest New Mexico Fairgrounds.

We drove 2 hours south on I-25, to the middle of nowhere. Actually, it was the large patch of nothingness right next to the middle of nowhere. And sure enough, there, in the vast expanse of nothingness lay a large patch of grass. An oasis in the desolation of the new mexico desert! And on that patch of grass were tents. And a band playing music. And Wine! Boy was there wine.

For the $10 admission fee, you got a wine glass. With the glass, you could go to the myriad tents and sample your choice of wines. There was also a ton of food, and funnel cake for Meg.

One thing that was kind of striking about this whole situation, was that there were few (if any) really white trashy people. While at the Chile Festival on saturday, they dominated the crowd. Here, however, everyone was normal. I guess it comes with the subject matter. Something else that struck me, was the amount of publicity: the Chile Festival was all over the radio, in brochures, etc. We saw like, one tiny mention of this wine festival on some internet site somewhere. It turned out so much better, though! Go figure.

After the tasting, we decided to pack up and move along to the bed and breakfast in Santa Theresa. Casa De SueƱos provided a lot of space, private entrance, our own patio with a phenominal view, and all of the usual comforts associated with a B&B. After camping for two nights, showering was very, very, very welcome.

After relaxing and getting cleaned up a bit, we talked with our host regarding suitable places to eat dinner. Her suggestion was The Great American Land & Cattle Co. Despite getting a little lost on the way there, we had very huge steaks, beer, potatoes, mushrooms, beans and bread. It was awesome. We even saw a roadrunner in the landscaping outside the window, while we were eating. They also had a full cow hide on the wall. It was weird, but somehow appropriate.

After glutting ourselves, we made our way back to the B&B to slip into deep food comas.

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