New Mexico : Day 5

Tuesday the 7th: this now brings us officially to a working stiff weekday. The trip thus far has been amazing, over the top awesome. We woke up at the B&B, had an amazing breakfast courtesy of Marlene and Abi. It was the first time I had ever had parfait, and it was delightful. Who knew that yogurt mixed with granola and fuit could be so tasty?

We chilled for a while, trying to soak up the amazing atmosphere and amenities (like: a bed, a shower, chairs, walls, doors, etc.) We packed our junk and hit the road, yet again.

We made our way to La Viña Winery, for a tour and tasting. At 11 o’clock in the morning. We arrived *just* as the doors were opening, and were greeted by on of the owners. No one else was around for a tour, so we kinda got our own little private tour. We saw all kinds of gear, grapes, must, fruit flies, juice, and wine. God, was there ever wine. A whole room full to the ceiling with casks of French Oak casks, aging their way to perfection.

After the tour, we enjoyed our tasting, and abscoded with 2 wine glasses, a bottle of Cote De Bravo, and a bottle of

Next stop: Camping. On the way, we stopped at WalMart and restocked our cooler with food, ice and beverages. And cheese. I love cheese. We also stopped in the parking lot of a laundromat and ate our lunch in the truck. Very classy.

Our campsite rested at the foot of the Guadalupe Mountains in northern Texas. There were several trails snaking their way around the surrounding countryside, but one interested me in particular: the El Capitan Trail. Of course, in my haste and boyish fascination, I mistakenly assumed that this was the El Capitan. You know, the one Ansel Adams photographed? Apparently, there’s one in Yosemite, too. Damnit. Thankfully, I didn’t learn the truth until I had been *back* from NM for a few days.

After we got everything set up, we settled into a fierce competition of Rummy 500, and sleeping under the stars.

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