New Mexico : Day 8

Friday, September 10th. Woke up with the sun at Oliver Lee park. Since it was dark when we arrived, we really had no concept of what the campsite loked like, not to mention the surrounding areas.

To our pleasant surprise, we were greeted by moutains as we awoke. It’s always cool to wake up and be staring at a mountain. We took advantage of the AMAZING bathroom facilities at the camp, specifically the SHOWERS.

For a campground, I have to mention that I was very impressed with the showers. They were very, very clean: unusual for a public campground. I guess. I think the reason it was all so nice, is that it was new.

We drove north, towards Albuquerque. We spent a few hours going through some old Pueblo ruins, which were absolutely amazing. All of the shots I took were way overpolarized; the sky looks phenominal, but I lost a lot of the deep orange and rust color in the bricks of the ruins.

After our romp in the ruins, we continued northwest to our campsite. We were going to stay in Manzano Mountains Park, but it was crowded, and most people had RVs instead of tents. The campsite also had too many amenities (like flush toilets and electrical hookups) so we decided to pass and continue on to Red Canyon Campground. It had those smelly gravity toilets. Think “Open Hole With A bench Above It.”

We feasted on 2 kinds of cheese, apples, Hershey’s chocolate, Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, all washed down with tepid water and chardonnay from La Viña Winery.

Then we slept!

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