Monthly Archive for November, 2004

goodbye, london

after nearly 5 years of hosting, london is being “repurposed” and brought home. to handle the hosting? i’ve resorted to actually buying a hosting plan. i guess now i can relax, and know that someone else is worrying about keeping a server up.

the looming question remains: what will i make london into?

firefox 1.0 released

yep, today mozilla released firefox 1.0… finally. the real deal!

i’ve had my eye on this for a while, and i’m glad to see the momentum that this project has gained.

for those of you unfamiliar with what firefox is, i’m sure you’ll find out relaitvely soon. it’s exciting because this is the first real challenge to IE since it gained it’s monopoly over netscape back in the late 90’s.

for more details, and to download firefox (which i highly recommend) go to

Stupid Election

So, Kerry lost. Based on this, I have a few things to say:

1.) I will not go to war. You can draft me all you want, but I ain’t going. Arrest me if you have to.

2.) If any of the women in my family decide that they need to have an abortion, I will support them with every fiber of my being. It’s their *choice*, and that’s how it should be.

3.) While I don’t know any gay couples, if I did, I would attend their weddings and give them my full blessing.

4.) God doesn’t belong in the white house. I feel that religious influences should only be maintained as an historical reference, not as a mechanism for governing. I’m not comfortable with the president obeying an imaginary being, espeically when it affects 300 million+ lives.

New Mexico : Day 10

The last day!

We woke up well before the sun, and started throwing things away: all the leftover food, trash, etc. we tried to cram all the stuff we started with back into the original packages, but it wasn’t happening. Funny how that works.

We drove to the airport and had a completely uneventful trip back to Philly.

As an aside, i ended up having a GIGANTIC cell phone bill for making a few calls while in the southwest. Next time: national calling plan. Duh.

The End.

New Mexico : Day 9

Saturday, September 11th. We go home tomorrow. Our mission today is to get to the hotel. We thought it would be a good idea to be able to spend our last night abroad in a hotel, to get cleaned up and what-not before our departure.

So, we woke up and packed up the gear at Red Canyon. And we drove. And drove. And then drove some more. we got to Albuquerque while it was still light out. we threw our junk in the hotel, and took a five minute break.

After we were throroughly refreshed from sitting for FIVE MINUTES, we got back onto the open road to try and find a restaurant that was recomended to us by the Bed and Breakfast owner back in Texas.

It took us a little bit, but we found it. It was a restuarant located at the base of the worlds largest tramway. Did I mention that the world’s largest tramway was in Albuquerque, New Mexico? Well, it is.

The tram station and restaurant were locatd halfway up a mountain, so it was a great vantage point from which we could watch the last southwestern sunset of our trip. The food was phenomenal, and we got som great pictures of the sunset. We skipped the tram ride.

Back to the hotel for sleeping!