Monthly Archive for December, 2004

merry christmas

do urban santas say “yo yo yo’ instead of “ho ho ho”?

i often wonder.

so it’s been rockin’ thus far: lots of free food, which is always good. and i got stuff i actually asked for. i hope meg likes her gift.

filet mignon for dinner!

KVM’s, anyone?

With london now safely out of the ISP’s office, i’ll need a way to use him. he’s eventually going to move home to my house, though for now he’s staying at meg’s.

since dad got me a $50 gift card to walmart for my birthday, i hopped on their site for the answer. sure enough, the answer came to me: a USB KVM switch. this way, london and teletran can share teletrans secondary monitor, and the same keyboard and mouse.


Albums I Listened to Today

8:35am – Various Artists; The Garden State Soundtrack

9:58am – Jimmy Eat World; Futures

11:25am – U2; War