Monthly Archive for January, 2005

at the drive-in

i had almost forgotten how much at the drive-in rules. like, i guess i just haven’t listened to them in awhile.

today was just the funkiest and gross and i was super frustrated. i plunked down in front of my computer and set up my ipod (as not to disturb fellow cube dwellers) and listened to the whole at the drive-in catalog from start to finish.

for now… we toast is still my favorite.


it must be tough to work out of ones home.

take my boss for instance: dude lives in north carolina. he flies up here to philly often enough to the point where i sometiems forget he doesn’t live here. he has meetings all the time, and conducts a good majority of them via speaker phone. (right now, in the next cube over, for instance.)

it’s gotta be hard to leave your wife and kids so often.

he probably gets paid a lot.

the train

i can only imagine the noises i make on the train. on those mornings where i’m trekking back into the city after spending the night in the burbs, i tend to drift off a bit. the train acts like a rocking cradle, anyway, so you can’t blame me.

either way, whilst drifting off to slumber-land, i shudder to think of the snoring, grunting, farting, or possibly even talking emanating from my person.

also, on a note unrelated to noises i make, the train has been very crowded of late. last night, it was standing room only from 30th street to wayne. crazy!

so, back to the noises. while i love my girlfriend comepletely and wholly, i’m not super comfortable making my sleepy-body noises while there are cute girls around. wouldn’t that be something if one day meg came home and a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of hers told her about this guy on the train that was falling asleep and farting and talking?