Monthly Archive for February, 2005

baby? whoa nelly!

As if it didn’t weird me out enough that Julie Russell was married: mom just told me that she’s having a baby.


Apparently, her due date is April 18th. Wait, I guess her name is Julie Brun, now. Mrs. Brun. So weird.

When we were kids, we used to have a monthly game night. The Russels, the Beckers, and the Mastrippolitos. The 6 parents would hole up in the dining room, play cards and tell dirty jokes or whatever. The kids would break apart into the 3 older kids and the three younger kids, and go our seperate ways.

Invariably, the younger kids would engage in some kind of imagination based role-play, while the older kids would talk about boys/girls, music, and all that fancy stuff that older kids talk about.

I think at the time, we always kind of thought that when we grew up, we’d have similar game nights with our families.

I guess my kids will have to be in the younger group.

Regardless of all that, I’d like to wish a warm and heartfelt ‘Congratulations’ to Kyle and Julie: way to go, guys!

the internet

one thing that has always (and probably will always) pissed me off about the internet is how blank it makes my brain.

how many times have you gone to wikipedia or google and just stared at the search box? there are literally billions upon billions of things you could look up and learn about, but you have to pick one first.

jimmy smith.

died yesterday at his home, peacefully. it’s pretty sad.

The guy lived a very full life and he made a huge impact on the face of organ jazz.

he will be greatly missed.


am i the only person in the world that is excited about doing their taxes? i know i’m getting money back, and after a few years of having to pay (damn my contractor status!) i’m ready for some paybacks.

i’m running a little thin this month, so hopefully this will help me out.