baby? whoa nelly!

As if it didn’t weird me out enough that Julie Russell was married: mom just told me that she’s having a baby.


Apparently, her due date is April 18th. Wait, I guess her name is Julie Brun, now. Mrs. Brun. So weird.

When we were kids, we used to have a monthly game night. The Russels, the Beckers, and the Mastrippolitos. The 6 parents would hole up in the dining room, play cards and tell dirty jokes or whatever. The kids would break apart into the 3 older kids and the three younger kids, and go our seperate ways.

Invariably, the younger kids would engage in some kind of imagination based role-play, while the older kids would talk about boys/girls, music, and all that fancy stuff that older kids talk about.

I think at the time, we always kind of thought that when we grew up, we’d have similar game nights with our families.

I guess my kids will have to be in the younger group.

Regardless of all that, I’d like to wish a warm and heartfelt ‘Congratulations’ to Kyle and Julie: way to go, guys!

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