…is awesome.

Meg came over last night. Average, run of the mill Tuesday night. I made tortellini alfredo with chicken and broccoli. We had some white wine. The alfredo sauce was surprisingly easy to make, though it’s probably not something you want to eat everyday (or even twice a week) considering the main ingredients are heavy cream, butter, and cheese.

The presentation was awesome: pasta with alfredo sauce, chicken sliced into thin strips, clump of broccoli. Beautiful.

I lit some candles, streamed some MP3’s from the bedroom to the living room stereo… and proposed. She said yes. It was an awesome moement, one of those huge milestones. You know: birth, first day of school, graduation, college stuff, moving out on yor own, first “real” job, engagement, marriage, kids… I guess the cycle starts over from there.

The funny thing is, this is so much more important to me. If i had stayed at home another year or whatever, I don’t think my life would have been majorly different. If I had not gotten that first “real” job, I would have made things work. This, though, this is so so huge, and I love it.

We called the major players soon after: parents, grandparents, siblings, best friends, etc. Oddly, a lot of our friends were in total disbelief:

us: “Hey, we got engaged.”
them: “No way, liar. April Fool’s day was 4 days ago.”
us: “No, seriously.”

Why is it so hard to believe?

It makes perfect sense to me.

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