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What the eff, mang? Back in my day, passport pictures were 2 for $9.99, plus tax.

I just got my passport pic taken, for 16 dollars. SIXTEEN.

The part that really raises my ire, is that the dude that shot my picture used a digital camera right off the shelf. DIGITAL. Five years ago when I worked at the Camera Shop in Longwood, we used an old-school polaroid camera that shot two images at once. It was a pretty neat setup in theory, but in practice it proved to be an inventory nightmare. People always wanted re-shoots, or the rollers wouldn’t have applied even pressure to the film, or SOMETHING would happen which would result in the image being thrown away. Yep. Thrown right the hell away.

Obviously, with the advent of newer digital technoliges, this process has gotten much more streamlined: shoot the image with a digicam, throw it up on a screen somewhere, see if it’s OK, if not, reshoot. Once you finally have the one you want, THEN you print it out. Makes sense, no? Sounds cheaper, yes?

My question is, if the process went from an expensive, inaccurate, and PHYSICAL process to one that is now less expensive, easier to get accurate and DIGITAL, how did the cost go up by 6 bucks?

Pardon the above rhetoric; hopefully it’s fairly obvious that it’s an extra 6 bucks finding it’s way into Mr. Ritz’s pocket.

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