Monthly Archive for September, 2005

The Karma Trap

So, I hadn’t seen Rills in months, since Megs and I went to Seattle and he and Emily went to Ireland for their honeymoon. We hung out last night, and it was dope. Just like old times. Except that I’m engaged and he’s married… I know it sounds cliche, but life happens fast.

It was a good night: good weather, good company, good atmosphere… we chilled at Rittenhouse for a little while, then decided to go to South Street to buy shoes for Eric. So we cruised down and ran into Sal, propritor of Salsolito Cafe, AKA New Mexico Cafe, home of the baby-sized burrito. I was hungry enough to begin with, but seeing Sal only cemented my resolve to visit his fine establishment for some quality grub.

To pay for said burrito, I needed to stop at an ATM. Seeing an ATM sign across the street in the window a mom & pop pizza place, I figured, “Score. I’ll get some moolah out right now.”

I did the little ATM dance, (swipe card, english or spanish?, PIN number, withdrawal, checking, amount, enter, etc) and it spit out two crisp, clean twenty dollar bills. The problam is, I only asked for ONE crisp, clean twenty dollar bill. It gave me $40 instead of $20! Therein lies the Karma Trap.

When considering my options, I quickly relized that telling the pimply-faced kid at the pizza counter that I had gotten an extra twenty from his ATM would be absolutely fool-hardy: he probably would have pocketed it himself. Better me than him, after all.

So, Eric suggested I put it towards a good cause. Clearly this is the best way to go. A question remains, however: what will be the good cause to which I donate this money? And for that matter, what qualifies as a “good cause” anyway? in much the same way I couldn’t just hand the extra money to the kid behind the counter, I can’t exactly hand it to a homeless person either: it would instantly turn into $20 worth of smack or booze.

Some ideas:
– Beer for some friends
– Food for some friends
– Someday, I want to own a house… is that a good enough cause?
– I’m in debt… this will help chip away at my balance!

The best option, though, presented itself as I relayed this story to Meg: this sunday, she and I are going to the PMA, and instead of our usual zero dollar donation, we’ll contribute 20 bucks. It’s only right!

One Karma Trap – deftly avoided.