Sony Ericsson K750i

So I got a new cell phone. I had the old one for 18 months or so, and decided it was time for a change. The K750 was announced in Q1 of 2005, and I remember saying to a co-worker that one day I would probably buy it. At the time, my two-year Cingular contract was only a year old, and I enjoy the leverage I usually have when it's time for a new contract: they'll give you pretty much whatever you want. With this in mind, I promptly forgot about the phone, in an attempt to preserve my plans for financial security.

Fast forward to about a month ago: I was looking for some pictures of a Sony PSP online after the workday at the office, and the companies crazy firewall/web filter wouldn't show me any because it fits into the banned category called "Gaming." Oddly enough, a google image search for "Sony PSP" returned an image of the K750i. Immediately this amazing handset flew back into my mind. So I started sweating over it. I would look it up at home, at all hours of the day and night. I would read reviews, agonize over it's specs, look at endless PR photos. I even went as far as viewing sample photos from the integrated digital camera on the handset.

Then, late (or was it early) two Fridays ago, I got home after many hours of HALO and drunken exploits. In the usual fashion, I sat at the computer and starting reading reviews for the phone. On a whim, I looked it up on eBay. This was really a big mistake on my part, but hey, I was drunk!

So I stumbled on an auction that was ending VERY soon (who ends an auction at 3AM?) and got the phone brand new for VERY cheap (I've seen them fetch as much as $500 US!!)

The phone is a great fit for me. Some items of merit:

Bluetooth, which I became dependent on with the T68i, then later the T616, is still supported. Actually, for a phone NOT to have Bluetooth would be weird to me.

2 Megapixel digital camera, which has amazing quality for a phone. My CoolPix 950 only has a 2.1 MP CCD, so this is only a slight step down. Admittedly, the noise level is high on low-light photos, but it's still extremely acceptable considering this is a phone, not a dedicated camera.

Built-in FM tuner, which i'll probably only use every other month. Still cool, though.

Built-in audio and video players, which make it easy for me to watch recorded TV shows, or use as a digital audio player. The included handsfree has stereo speakers, and works exactly like the ROKR commercials: I'm listening to tunes, the phone rings, the tunes pause, I talk on the phone, then when I hang up, the tunes un-pause. The headphones also double as the antennae for the FM tuner, which is kind of awkward, but since I won't use it a lot it's OK.

Expandability, in the form of Sony's proprietary Memory Stick Duo slot. It can support up to 4 GB of Memory Stick, though as of right now, they only sell 2 GB chips. The phone comes bundled with a 64 MB chip, and I've already filled it up three times over with the amount of video and/or audio I'd like to have on hand at all times.

JAVA environement, for which I've already found a NES emulator that plays games VERY well. Granted, it's a cramped situation to try and play a Nintendo game on your phone, but it's still awesome. It comes pre-bundled with a puzzle game (think "Puzzle" on the old Macs) and two 3D games: a tennis game and a jet fighter/flight simulator style game. Both are hard for my non-64-bit-three-dimensional generation of gaming. Give me 8-bits, or give me death. Anyway, the JAVA environment is awesome because there are tons of existing apps written by nerds such as myself, and really all I'd have to do is learn JAVA and I'm sure I could write stuff for it on my own.

The reviews are almost all overwhemlingly positive. The only things people tend to not like are the proprietary memory format, the 2 key is smaller and hard to press sometimes, and there's no North American version of the phone, which sucks because when I'm in the suburbs, I have to stand on one leg on a hill on a clear day with no wind and perfect atmospheric conditions to get a signal. At home in the city it's flawless, though.

Tomorrow I'll have had it for a whole week. Overall, I'm extremely impressed with the style, functions and performance of this phone. A++ would recommend.

Now I need to grab a 1GB or 2GB Memory Stick Duo Pro and I can store hundreds of minutes of audio, hundreds of minutes of video with sound, hundreds of photos, files from work or home, and a ton of ROMS for use with the JAVA NES emulator. What more could I need in a single device?

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