Monthly Archive for January, 2006

How to Deal with a Deadline

1.) Lots and lots of sugar. Sugar is your friend.

2.) Ample quantities of Coke and Doritos.

3.) Freak out and yell at the top of your lungs when the APC UPS finally decides to die, and you have to go buy a new one, despite trying to save for a house/wedding/honeymoon/retirement.

4.) While waiting for the new UPS to charge fully (So says the owners manual: “ATTENTION: DO NOT USE UPS UNTIL FULLY CHARGED. CHARGE TIME: 8 HOURS”) Go to QDoba and eat until you think you’ve damaged your jejunum. Or maybe your duodenum.

5.) Get home and confirm you have indeed hurt your intestines, but it was actually your cecum.

6.) Watch (at a minimum) one hour of reality TV. It will help you to realize that you are smarter than average middle America. Suddenly the deadline will seem much easier to meet.

7.) Get back to work. Seriously. Why have you been dicking around for so long? Just do it.

8.) Repeat items 1,2 and 6, and especially 7 as needed.

People That Had Passion Once

I guess it’s inevitable that as we grow older our passion and youthful fervor are replaced with patience and complacency.

I used to photograph constantly. My camera was more of an extension of myself than it was a tool to be cajoled into cooperation. I remember not being able to sleep because my darkroom was calling me. I would spend so much time proccessing film and printing images that I’d lose track of the day of the week. Granted the chemicals may have been messing with my higher cognitive functions, but the same passion helped me to memorize the entire 1997-1998 Nikon product catalog.

So, what happened? The last thing I photographed were the varied druken exploits on New Years Eve, but where’s the art in that?

I’ve had girlfriends whose artistic talent was of the highest caliber; people who LIVED for their art and for learning how to improve their technique, or learn new techniques. And now I’m finding they’ve become secretaries or telemarketers. Where did that passion go? (I should point out that its perfectly OK to be a secretary or telemarketer, if that’s where your passion should lay.)

So, I challenge all those who may be reading this with a simple question: where did your passion go?

Did you used to love gardening, but now can’t find time to commune with the earthworms? Or perhaps you lived for poetry, but your most recent (and most frequent) works are fax cover pages?

I guess as we get older, the amount of time we’re able to devote to our passionate pursuits are eclipsed by the need to make rent, a mortgage, pay for the kids college tuitions, beef up the retirement fund, etc to the point where we live to subsist, not to create. But can we be passionate about mere subsitence?

Happy New Year, and don’t forget that you were passionate once, and who says you can’t be again?

Coke & Doritos

There is something deeply satisfying about drinking Coke while eating Doritos. It’s one of those sense-memories you pick up when you’re a kid, I guess, At least, I did: game-nights at the Beckers or the Russells, or our house. Various random parties now and then, birthdays, etc. Even visiting friends houses, these two vital ingredients were a staple in the pre-adolescents diet, seemingly everwhere. And then poof. I stopped drinking caffiene, and for some reason doritos weren’t as plentiful in the vending machines at school, and there were so many other snacks to choose from, like Entemann’s pound cakes, pizza, and oh, well, the list goes on and on.

So, God Bless my fiancée Megan, for re-introducing me to the wonder and joy inherent in the simultaneous consumption of Coke and Doritos.

And I hope she doesn’t complain when I weigh a ga-zllion pounds.