Coke & Doritos

There is something deeply satisfying about drinking Coke while eating Doritos. It’s one of those sense-memories you pick up when you’re a kid, I guess, At least, I did: game-nights at the Beckers or the Russells, or our house. Various random parties now and then, birthdays, etc. Even visiting friends houses, these two vital ingredients were a staple in the pre-adolescents diet, seemingly everwhere. And then poof. I stopped drinking caffiene, and for some reason doritos weren’t as plentiful in the vending machines at school, and there were so many other snacks to choose from, like Entemann’s pound cakes, pizza, and oh, well, the list goes on and on.

So, God Bless my fiancée Megan, for re-introducing me to the wonder and joy inherent in the simultaneous consumption of Coke and Doritos.

And I hope she doesn’t complain when I weigh a ga-zllion pounds.

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