Monthly Archive for April, 2006


At work, I often eat salads or sandwiches for lunch. These food items have an oily ingredient, in the form of salad dressing, mayo, the various meat oils, etc.

I find that I’m continually fascinated by the thin sheen formed on the top of my water mug from the tiny droplets of oily substance that cling to my upper lip. The sheen is like a miniature universe: spiraled, multi-colored, spinning, and mysterious. Sometimes, you can see jillions of tiny segregated droplets. Other times it appears as a few very large contiguous blobs, snaking their way around the mug.

Normally this kind of thing would really gross me out. It would be easy to jump to conclusions when confronted with a strange oily sheen veiling your beverage. The only way I was able to deal with it, is that I’m religious about washing the mug out once a day, usually right before I eat.

So anyway, what tiny details have you noticed lately? Life is full of these little things, so keep an eye out.