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I’ve used a dual display setup since my earliest days at Educom. I was skeptical at first. But, after a week, I realized that I’d never feel right without two screens.

I used to have matching 19″ Viewsonic A90’s, until about a year ago when one of them died. I replaced it with a 19″ LaCie Electron Blue. This was a rockin’ setup for a while. My only gripe with this configuration was that the Viewsonic had a beige housing, and the LaCie had a black housing. First world problems.

I use a door as my desk. It’s propped up on top of a variety of second-hand furniture, an old tube-frame drafting desk, and a multitude of long-since-unread books to add some stability. Given my penchant for dual screens, my monitors occupied a fairly significant amount of real-estate on the desk. If not for this huge space requirement, the desk/door would really be giant in terms of workspace.

So, lately I started to get the hardware itch. In a moment of inebriation enlightenment, I started researching some new LCD’s. Behold, the fruits of said research:

Dual Hyundai 19″ Widescreen LCD’s; 500:1 contrast ratio (not great, but passable); 8ms response time (again, not great, but passable); and power output of 60W (yep, think “60W light bulb.”)

I’m extremely stoked about configuring these things a little further when I get home tonight. The change in aspect ratio was a little unnerving at first, but I’m confident I can get used to it. And best of all, they match!

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