Monthly Archive for October, 2006


Finally. I've stopped patching and babysitting the homebrew code I've been dealing with for a few years, and now I can see what a "real" blogging application is supposed to be like. So far, I'm impressed. I have a lot to learn, too. So many plugins, so little time.

Aside from the layout change, you'll also notice some little perks: an RSS feed (link found way at the bottom, I'm working on placement of a larger orange button) and the Flickr widget, which show my most recent 10 uploads to Flickr. Also, you can now comment on any of my posts, 

As an aside, I was able to migrate all of the records from my old homebrew app into WordPress via some PHP and Shaolin Kung Fu. The old system didn’t have any tagging functionality built in, so I just categorized all of the old posts as… (drum roll please) “Old.” One day, I might get ambitious enough to start going back through and tagging old posts. Then again, maybe not.

Let the blogging begin!