Monthly Archive for November, 2006


I created a new Flickr account, for exclusive use through this site. The wedding pictures are on the old Flickr account and the new one.

I used this fancy plug-in for iPhoto called FlickrExport. It's very handy, and made it really easy to upload all 1,000+ pictures in my iPhoto Library. The drawback, though, is the almost complete lack of meta data that'll get stored in Flickr. This is totally my fault.

I freely admit that I haven't been as… dilligent in my archiving methods as I would like. This behavior has resulted in a collection of images that have almost no meta data attached to them. Just a long series of random images all piled together in iPhoto. Some may even be out of chronological order. (gasp)

Well wait, that's not true: There is some meta data.

Like: shutter speed, aperture, ISO, camera model, time/date (assuming the clock was correctly set, which… guess what? the clock wasn't always set right), etc, but what I don't have are any tags, titles or descriptions. This is something that can't be any more automatic than my fingers typing and my brain dictating. Which is to say, it won't get done unless I do it. I think that's where this whole process broke down.

So, this collection will end up being treated like all of the "Old" tagged posts on this site, maybe one day I'll go back through the Flickr account and tag images, add title and descriptions, and make some photosets. Maybe.

In the meantime, feel free to browse around and look at my random pictures. You can get to them via the Flickr blocks over there on the right. You might have to scroll.

Sony Ericsson K790a

Back in February '06, Sony Ericsson announced the new K750-replacing flagship model, the K800, along with it's near-identical twin K790. For those of you that have read my previous posts about the K750, you'll recall that I'm fairly fond of it. It's a feature-rich phone, jammed into a tiny chassis. While small, it's still comfortable to use.

As for the K790, I'm impressed with it's 3.2 MP camera, clean lines, robust feature-set, highly acclaimed screen, A2DP support via Bluetooth 2.0, the integrated browser and RSS reader, EDGE for speedy downloads, and of course all the usual trimmings from the K750 like Bluetooth, FM radio, calendar, address book, calculator, timer, stopwatch, WAP browsing, JAVA environment, etc. This is basically the K750 from last year, with all the specs bumped way up. An incremental upgrade, on some light steroids. The thing is, it's one more step in the evolution of SE's product. Can't wait to see the NEXT one, you know? Every successive model in the K line (although, I guess there have only been two so far…) has been leaner, meaner, more feature-rich, less bug-prone (well, ok, maybe after one or two firmware upgrades), and better looking, without a doubt.
So, for anyone that's interested, here is a listing of good reviews I've found for the K800/K790:
Based on the pitch of this post, it's probably pretty obvious that I'm very stoked about some new technology. Something else to be excited about? A variant model in the K790 family (called the K790a) is tri-band for the Americas! I mentioned in my K750 post that the reception wasn't so hot due to it not receiving signal on the 850 Mhz band that pervades much of the US cell coverage areas. Biggest network using the 850 Mhz band? Cingular, currently my cellular provider. The K790a (America! Fuck Yeah!) supports the 850 Mhz band, which essentially translates to better reception in just about any situation. In addition to all of the other awesome features, this little tid-bit is the icing on the cake.
I find that I replace my cell handsets about once every 18-24 months. 1.5 to 2 years. Keeping in line with this cycle, the current period will end in about 4 months. 
SE released the K750 back in February of 2005, a year prior to the K790a. It just so happens that SE releases the new models about once a year. It also just so happens that this years predicted release mark falls inside the next 4 month period. If Apple hasn't released their much-rumored iPhone yet, I'll buy this K790a.
Assuming of course, that SE hasn't released their new model yet, either. 


My horoscope said that a good deed was coming back to revisit me.

I normally never go for that stuff, but I'm starting to become a believer. Here's why:
  • Today, at work, someone told me I had "the best mannerisms". Sure, that might not be anything "great" per se, but in light of the flurry of good things that has been going on around me, I'm going to count every blessing.
  • Someone else was saying good things about me behind my back, and sending some attention my way.
  • Someone from the not-too-distant past called, and he had an interesting question. This is good news, and is an itch I've been meaning to scratch for a long, long time. As it turns out, he was calling because someone else was saying good things about me. More details on this to follow in the days/weeks to come.
  • My brother called. He wanted to know if he could come get one of my aging B&W G3 towers for his buddy. This is good news for two reasons: 1.) because at least I know it'll get a good home, and 2.) I receive a small win for the forces of good in the ongoing Battle Against Pat Rack Habits.
  • We have a temporary visitor here at the house – a small doggie named Ginger Rose. She looks like this:

This is one smart, chill dog. She likes to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation. I seriously think she had seen tonight's episode before.

  • I called Meg on my way home from work (coincidentally, at the exact same time she was calling me) and she said that a magazine in Washington wanted to use this picture:The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.(which is of me in the Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle) in one of their issues. No compensation other than free copies of the publication, which is fine by me. Always good to see my mug in print.

So, I guess I should go buy a lottery ticket?