Sony Ericsson K790a

Back in February '06, Sony Ericsson announced the new K750-replacing flagship model, the K800, along with it's near-identical twin K790. For those of you that have read my previous posts about the K750, you'll recall that I'm fairly fond of it. It's a feature-rich phone, jammed into a tiny chassis. While small, it's still comfortable to use.

As for the K790, I'm impressed with it's 3.2 MP camera, clean lines, robust feature-set, highly acclaimed screen, A2DP support via Bluetooth 2.0, the integrated browser and RSS reader, EDGE for speedy downloads, and of course all the usual trimmings from the K750 like Bluetooth, FM radio, calendar, address book, calculator, timer, stopwatch, WAP browsing, JAVA environment, etc. This is basically the K750 from last year, with all the specs bumped way up. An incremental upgrade, on some light steroids. The thing is, it's one more step in the evolution of SE's product. Can't wait to see the NEXT one, you know? Every successive model in the K line (although, I guess there have only been two so far…) has been leaner, meaner, more feature-rich, less bug-prone (well, ok, maybe after one or two firmware upgrades), and better looking, without a doubt.
So, for anyone that's interested, here is a listing of good reviews I've found for the K800/K790:
Based on the pitch of this post, it's probably pretty obvious that I'm very stoked about some new technology. Something else to be excited about? A variant model in the K790 family (called the K790a) is tri-band for the Americas! I mentioned in my K750 post that the reception wasn't so hot due to it not receiving signal on the 850 Mhz band that pervades much of the US cell coverage areas. Biggest network using the 850 Mhz band? Cingular, currently my cellular provider. The K790a (America! Fuck Yeah!) supports the 850 Mhz band, which essentially translates to better reception in just about any situation. In addition to all of the other awesome features, this little tid-bit is the icing on the cake.
I find that I replace my cell handsets about once every 18-24 months. 1.5 to 2 years. Keeping in line with this cycle, the current period will end in about 4 months. 
SE released the K750 back in February of 2005, a year prior to the K790a. It just so happens that SE releases the new models about once a year. It also just so happens that this years predicted release mark falls inside the next 4 month period. If Apple hasn't released their much-rumored iPhone yet, I'll buy this K790a.
Assuming of course, that SE hasn't released their new model yet, either. 

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