I created a new Flickr account, for exclusive use through this site. The wedding pictures are on the old Flickr account and the new one.

I used this fancy plug-in for iPhoto called FlickrExport. It's very handy, and made it really easy to upload all 1,000+ pictures in my iPhoto Library. The drawback, though, is the almost complete lack of meta data that'll get stored in Flickr. This is totally my fault.

I freely admit that I haven't been as… dilligent in my archiving methods as I would like. This behavior has resulted in a collection of images that have almost no meta data attached to them. Just a long series of random images all piled together in iPhoto. Some may even be out of chronological order. (gasp)

Well wait, that's not true: There is some meta data.

Like: shutter speed, aperture, ISO, camera model, time/date (assuming the clock was correctly set, which… guess what? the clock wasn't always set right), etc, but what I don't have are any tags, titles or descriptions. This is something that can't be any more automatic than my fingers typing and my brain dictating. Which is to say, it won't get done unless I do it. I think that's where this whole process broke down.

So, this collection will end up being treated like all of the "Old" tagged posts on this site, maybe one day I'll go back through the Flickr account and tag images, add title and descriptions, and make some photosets. Maybe.

In the meantime, feel free to browse around and look at my random pictures. You can get to them via the Flickr blocks over there on the right. You might have to scroll.

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