How I Met My Wife

Megan Haines – aka: Kinkajoo, Peach, Shorty, Boo, Smellypants, Buddy, Schmoopie, She Who Does Not Like Doing The Damn Dishes (But Somehow Always Does Them Anyway), etc – met at a bonfire back in May of 2002. The story of how we met is one that we love to tell, but it takes a minute or two. Ready?

Memorial Day Weekend, 2002. My brother invited me to a bonfire at his friend Don's house, but I couldn't attend due to a prior commitment. Meg's co-worker Amy (who happens to be friends with Don and my brother) invited her, but she couldn't attend for the same reason. As the day approached, both of our prior commitments dissolved, so by default we (independently) decided to go to the bonfire. I hitched the R5 out to the burbs, and then grabbed a ride over to Don's house from mom. My original plan was to NOT stay overnight, and ride back to moms house with my bro later that night.

Upon arrival, I made a bee line for the grill, since I love grilled food and couldn't wait to get some burgers or something. On my way, I absentmindedly meandered through an active game of horse shoes, played by my friend Shaun and a then-unnamed young lady. Megan. After being introduced, I made a mental note of her name, and kept moving toward the grill. Skip ahead three hours or so: the sun had set, the beer flowed, the grilled food was nearly exhausted, and someone's old couch lay in smoldering ruin amidst the now roaring bonfire.

Several people attending the little get-together had brought their tents, so that after a long day/night of drinking, they could safely crash out in Don's yard. Sitting next to the fire, I spied two approaching silhouettes. Above the din of my brother and Shaun finger-picking an interpretation of Alice's Restaurant, I was able to hear a portion of the silhouettes' conversation that I just couldn't ignore,

"… so it's totally HUGE, you have to see it. It has THREE ROOMS!"

It was Amy, telling Megan about one of the tents. My ears perked up, because, c'mon, how often do you see a tent with three rooms? As they passed by my chair, I volunteered to accompany them. Amy, Megan and I proceeded to said tent, to find that yes, indeed, there were three rooms. Badass.

We sat and talked for a while. I hadn't seen Amy in some time, so we caught up. I started to get to know Megan. After about a half an hour, Amy excused herself to go hang out near the fire, get a beer, chat it up with other folks, etc, and she left Meg and I in the tent. We talked a lot. We discussed the hierarchy of fast food chicken sandwiches, the first Spider Man movie, the various features of my Palm m505 (on which we played Bejeweled for a good bit of time), Jimmy Eat World, and just a whole lot of other stuff that polite unfamiliarity dictated. All in all, that was one of the best conversations I'd ever had.

As the night progressed, it began to get colder and colder. In the tent, away from the radiant heat of the bonfire, my short sleeve One Hour Messenger shirt was not really keeping me warm. Meg saw me shivering and offered me her sweater. It was very small. 

So there we were, laying next to each other in a giant tent, me in her sweater, she being super cute. And then, "for warmth" we just kept getting closer and closer. And finally, after what seemed like FOREVER, we slowly eased into each other for our first kiss. And man, what a kiss! Fireworks! Symphonies!

I mentioned that my original plan was to NOT spend the night. Well, as I'm sure you can imagine, this turn of events demanded a revision to the plan. As it turns out, Meg had a sliver of room in her tent. She offered, I accepted.

She had to go into Don's house to get ready for sleeping (brush teeth, take out contacts, etc.), so I accompanied her. When she came out of the bathroom, I grabbed her face and kissed her. She looks as beautiful today as she did that night. More, in fact. More every day.

We stumbled back to her tent in the dark, climbed in and secured the flaps. We stayed up and talked for a little while, and I can still remember the image of only being able to see her eyes and teeth, and little else. We drifted to sleep, entangled.

The next morning, I woke up to the sound of my brothers voice politely asking "Has anyone seen my brother?" – He had gone home, slept, woken up and come back for me. What a champ!  I sheepishly exited the tent, clapped him on the back (he didn't see me coming) and suggested we all go to breakfast.

Amy, Don, Me, Meg, Rob and Amy's boyfriend (now husband) Charlie all went to Keller's Kitchen in Kennett. It was memorable. Meg and I exchanged numbers, and on a conscious level, I reasoned I would probably never see her again. But somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew that wasn't true.

And that's how we met. Since then, we've been through a lot: two breaks, dates with other people, a couple apartments, some loved ones passing away, dancing lessons, vacations to New Mexico and Seattle and Florida, lots of different jobs, got engaged, got married, took Italian lessons, honeymooned in Italy, grew a garden on our roof, and a ton of other stuff.

This woman provides me with constant motivation, and makes me want to be the best version of myself I can be.

Thanks baby, I love you. 

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