iPhone Hysteria

Yeah, I'll admit it: I totally want one, and will be in line on the 29th. 

My personal fanboy-ism aside, the hype around this single device is getting a little out of hand.

This is what's going on in the iPhonosphere, as of today:

  • People are crying foul about it's lack of 3G and lack of actual tactile keyboard. See the comments on this post on Slashdot. The 3G stuff is mostly noise from spoiled Europeans, but I have to wonder about the keyboard; that's a lot of virtual keys to fit in a very small space. 
  • Employees of AT&T stores are starting to leak the "sales training manuals" for the device.
  • A few first hand reports are starting to show up in the usual places. See here and here – Note to self, never eat at Balthazar ($400 seeming like a "light" bill? No thanks.)
  • Apple posted the first three TV commercials on their site, and many an eagle eyed viewer found that the order and placement of the icons on the home screen didn't match the rest of the standard marketing materials available thusfar. When Apple posted the fourth TV spot, it was found that all of the other commercials had been edited such that now the icons are in the correct order and with correct placement (whereby "correct," I mean matching the original marketing materials.) See here, and then here. They also removed the small-print tagline mentioning the mandatory 2-year contract.

That last bullet has lead some to believe that there's going to be some kind of mystery iPhone app announcement at WWDC on Monday (or possibly before June 29th) but just as many people are guessing that the misplaced icons were an editing snafu. I, as I'm sure you could guess, am hoping for the former.

I can honestly say that I've never been this excited about an upcoming device. Three weeks from today, I'm sure I'll have a lot more to say about this.

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