Helpful iPhone Tricks

After using this thing for over two weeks, I’ve found a couple handy tricks, and have read a bunch online in the usual places:

Tapping at the top of the screen (on or directly below the clock, basically) when you’ve scrolled to the bottom of the page will instantly return you to the top of the page for easy access to the location bar. I just wish they had one that did the opposite: scrolled to the bottom of any page by double tapping the top, or something.

Holding your finger down on any link for a second or two will pop up a little tag showing you the URL. If you see it’s a URL that you do not want to pursue, then move your finger up or down to scroll the page while you’re holding the link down. Otherwise, release the link, and Safari will follow it.

Weather Widget
You probably already know you can flick through your various cities in the weather widget, but what if you’re feeling lazy? Well, you can tap to the right or left of the line of white/grey dots at the bottom of the widget to advance one pane right or one pane left.

This was a big one a few days ago – David Pogue posted it, and it echoed a million times across the intarweb. To type punctuation, you have to tap a “secondary keyboard” button. Then tap the desired punctuation, then tap the secondary keyboard button again to toggle back to the alpha keyboard. This is clearly too many taps for something so basic. It would seem that Apple thought so, too – if you HOLD the secondary keyboard key and slide your finger over to the desired punctuation, and then release, it automatically reverts back to the standard alpha keyboard. One tap instead of three.

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