It goes ’round and ’round

This past Saturday, I went out to the burbs to check out my brothers band, The Sermon!, play at Vincents. Dad was there, and my friends George and Virginia were able to attend. A good time was had by all.

I used to go to Vincents with my brother Rob just about every Saturday to check out Papa John DeFrancesco and his organ trio. Between January 2000 and August of 2001, I probably missed six of those Saturday nights upstairs. I was going to Vincents, a smoky bar, before I was old enough to drink. In fact, one Saturday night, after being there every Saturday night for probably 13 months straight, the waitress asked me what I’d like to drink. It had been my habit all along to drink water, since I used to be what they call a “straight-edge.” Having been there every week for so long, I guess she was just being polite. When I asked for water, she replied that it was much better for me. My reply to that was that I was not old enough to drink. She looked at me like I was the dumbest human on earth (which, in retrospect, was almost a 100% accurate assessment) and with wide eyes and hushed tones she said “Shhh! Don’t ever say that out loud in here again!” and proceeded to get my water for me. It was another 2 years before I ordered a drink at Vincents that had any alcohol in it.

So anyway, Saturday night. Something that happens every time I go to West Chester, is that I run into people that I know. Or that I used to know. Or that know me. Or knew me. This time was no exception. I ran into Colin McGetrick. I haven’t seen this guy in 9 years. We graduated from Unionville together, he had an afro of the highest magnitude. I remember him being a very cool guy. We started to catch up and he shared the same sentiment of me, whether real or imagined. We both commented on how we felt that in high school, we just kept our heads down, learned, laughed, and left. He said something that I found a little shocking, “I kept to myself, mostly because I was shy.” Who knew? I guess everyone, even the cool kids, are shy sometimes. He didn’t have his afro, but he still exuded that same kind of comfortable cool.

When I asked what he was up to, he told me he just got engaged. I bought him a beer. He asked the same of me, and I told him I had gotten married almost two years ago, and showed him the wedding pics on my phone. His reply was “Congratulations, you both look so happy.”

Ten years ago we were figuring out where to go to college, pining over girls, stressing about that next pop quiz, wondering what life was like after high school. What did the future hold for us?

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