iPhone 3G

As you may have heard, Apple announced the much-rumored iPhone 3G on Monday.

After the introduction of the original iPhone, I made a post detailing my predictions for what features we might expect in the next model of the device.

The new model does indeed have longer battery life, larger storage capacity (although, that was a feature bump on the old model, midway through it’s lifetime), 3G, and the A-GPS chip. While I’m disappointed that the camera didn’t get bumped up, most of my hardware predictions turned out to be spot-on. Although, I suppose it’s a little nit-picky to claim I was right about the thinner chassis: they made it thinner, but only at the edges.

The community has bemoaned the lackluster feature upgrades, but several prominent bloggers are noting the most important parts of Monday’s keynote were NOT about hardware changes. Instead, we should try to focus on the iPhone as a platform: the on-stage demos given for third-party application developers were very slick. The ease of development, I’m sure, puts the WinMo IDE to shame.

It should be very evident that Apple is not going to let the iPhone be a repeat of the Mac. This time, market dominance is their goal, and they’re gonna do it. If you have any doubt, just look at the price tag: models starting at $199. One hundred ninety nine dollars. One third the original price for the first 8GB device, one year ago.

I don’t profess to be any kind of BlackBerry expert, but with the enterprise features Apple announced on Monday, the SDK for third-party developers, the cheap price, and the fact that the damned thing is just FUN to use… well, I don’t know who would buy a BlackBerry. Any model.

The managers at my day-job all have BlackJacks by Samsung. They run WinMo and do the whole Exchange thing. But, I’ve noticed that about half of them find it a chore to use but tolerate it as a necessary evil, while the other half simply leaves it sitting on their desk after they leave for the day. However, every single time I’m using my iPhone at work, they always want to see it. They want to look at photos or surf the web or dick around on YouTube. It’s a device that demands to be touched and fooled with.

When’s the last time you said that about your phone?

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