Effing Finally.

When the iPhone was first jailbroken, back in the iPhone OS 1.x days, there was a utility you could obtain from Installer.app called Taskbar Notifier that would populate the iPhone’s status bar with little icons for missed calls or voicemails, unread emails, or unread SMS messages.

Before I installed it, I didn’t really understand how much I needed it.

After I installed, I couldn’t live without it. Rather – I’d prefer, very much, to not live without it. Further, it’s something that I can’t believe is not already part of the iPhone OS.

Think of it this way: without this little hack, I would need to hit the sleep/wake button, then “Slide to Unlock” the phone, and then scan through the field of application icons to see any red badges indicating any unread emails, unread text messages, or missed calls/voicemails. WITH this little hack, I can just tap the sleep/wake button, and see the notifications. Very handy.

Back in July, Apple released their new iPhone OS 2.0, which broke compatibility with all or most jailbreak apps in order to support the new AppStore. Pretty much every jailbreak app needed to be modified or rewritten to be compatible with the newer OS. Sadly, Taskbar Notifier was one of the apps affected.

Taskbar Notifier needs to run in the background to poll the various apps for any missed events or unread items. There is basically zero chance of there ever being an officially supported version via the AppStore, since Apple doesn’t allow background processes on apps other than their own in-house stuff.

Well, after much searching and much waiting, it appears someone has stepped up to fill the void: StatusNotifier was released a couple of days ago, and man, I’m so happy.

It reproduces the biggest functionality items that I was looking for, but also introduces some fancy WinterBoard stuff that will modify the background image on the lock screen to indicate, with LARGE icons, whether you have any unread or missed items.

Many hats off to the developer for this, and I look forward to improvements he’ll make as time wears on.

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