Monthly Archive for February, 2009

Feelin’ The Love

So yeah; I’m feelin’ the love.

As some of you may know, Meg and I have been on a several month long journey of buying a home. During this time we have experienced a range of emotions with regard to our finances, our self esteem, our ability to cope with stress, and how we feel about each other. This range of emotions includes, but surely is not limited to: comfort, annoyance, excitement, terror, anxiety, anticipation, hopefulness, hopelessness, depression and elation. Really, it has run the gamut.

About 7 weeks ago, we thought we had found THE house for us. We made an offer. Unfortunately, they got other offers, too. They didn’t take ours. Being first time home buyers, and not being super familiar with this whole process, we were a little crushed. But, it was probably good for us. “We’ll find our house,” we said.

About 3 weeks ago, we actually did find THE house. This time, we were sure of it. In private, we told ourselves that we wouldn’t get our hopes up, lest we jinx something and have a repeat performance. We proceeded with the various form-signing, the multiple visits to the property, the multiple visits to the mortgage lady, the multiple visits to the realtor. We downplayed every new development as we explained it to our friends and family, because we simply were too emotionally exhausted and stressed out to let ourselves hope beyond hope that this dream of ours would finally come true.

When they told us that our offer was the front-runner, and was likely to be accepted, we were absolutely over the moon. We freaked out. We may have had a tiny bit too much to drink. We were psyched. They countered, we countered. We signed our name (and lives, and heirs) on a million pieces of paper. We were scrutinized from every angle: credit, income, debt, employment history, etc. To see your whole adult life, drawn out and organized on a piece of paper is a little startling.

Fairly recently, now that things seem a lot more certain, we’re catching ourselves getting very excited. Meg has a scrapbook of magazine clippings and other random pieces of paper with design patterns for how the rooms will be decorated. I’ve got my eyes on some antique shutters for the facade. We’re telling our friends and family. We’re planning sleepovers and parties and dinners.

So yeah; I’m feelin’ the love. The Love, actually. With a capital L.

I honestly can’t tell you how much it has meant to me, how much it has meant to both of us, the kind words and support from all of you, our friends and family.

To our friends and family: Thank You. For those of you reading this, you know who you are: you know the role you have played in this epic tale, and how we are just overwhelmed by your gestures. We’re touched by your genuine desire to see us succeed and be successful. At this point, words don’t really adequately express our deepest and most sincere gratitude for your contributions to our general well being over these last 30 years.

When we’re all moved in, the first round of drinks is on us. Though, it might not be top shelf stuff. You like Evan Williams more than Jack Daniels anyway, right?