Monthly Archive for March, 2010

So, I Quit Facebook

Yeah, about a week ago. In fact, I didn’t just deactivate my account, I salted the earth on the way out. Think “Russian retreat during French invasion” style scorched earth: I untagged myself from every picture, I deleted all my photos and albums, I deleted as many posts as far back as it would let me, edited all my profile information to be blank, changed all of my privacy settings to only allow ME to see my content, and then I de-friended everyone in my friends list. And THEN, I deactivated my account.

And yet, on the “Goodbye, hope to see you again” screen, Facebook basically says, “Hey, we’ll keep the seat warm for ya, in case you ever decide to come back. Just log in with your old credentials, and things will be just how you left them!” So there’s that, I guess. You know, because my profile is so robust now that it has no info, pictures, friends or status updates.

I got to a point where I was tired of “Hiding” people because their kids or jobs or politics were just so annoying. I had to dodge embedded youtube videos of musical artists for which I didn’t really care. I saw the same stupid internet memes posted again and again. What color is your bra? ugh. And farmville, fishville, happy aquarium, mafia wars, etc… double ugh.

After a while, I realized that there were only 4 or 5 people that I didn’t have fully hidden. And these were the 4 or 5 people that I actually talked to in real life with any kind of regularity, so why did I need to read stuff they would just tell me the next time I saw them in person anyway?

I don’t know if this is permanent or not. I like the fact that people can’t assume I know all about their lives when I see them now, and they have to tell me what’s going on. I don’t like being the last to find things out, though.